The Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB) is a feminist legal non-government organization composed of women’s rights activists and advocates. They are professionals in the various disciplines of the law and social science, social work and community development addressing women’s issues and concerns.


Founded in 1990, WLB’s main thrust is to engage in feminist legal advocacy and development work –pursuing policies and programs that uphold the rights and interests of Filipino women, conducting information- education communication campaigns to raise public awareness and actions on women’s issues, undertaking training and research with other women’s groups to build knowledge and capabilities for stronger campaigning and advocacy engagements on women’s rights, and promoting feminist lawyering to defend and advance women’s rights.


Our current challenge is to strategically expand our focus on women’s economic, social and cultural rights. WLB seeks to maximize gains won by women in such arenas as the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and other UN agencies and international organizations.




We have a VISION of a transformed, self-determining Philippine society enjoying equal status with other societies, wherein people are able to realize their holistic and full human development through democratic sharing and sustainable management of economic resources and the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms and respect for diversity, balance and integration.


Our MISSION is to actively engage in feminist legal advocacy with women’s social movements, other progressive social movements, and communities to transform society by engaging the law and the legal system and its institutions towards support for women’s dignity, rights and leadership for the fulfillment of justice and development. 


  • Sustain and Strengthen work for the promotion and enjoyment of women and communities’ freedoms, by contributing to increasing their capacity and ownership towards empowerment and development.
  •  Achieve and Increase women’s Access to Justice and Demand Accountability from the Government
  • Ensure government’s fulfillment of its obligation and accountability and to act with due diligence in eliminating discriminatory policies and practices through critical engagement with the Philippine Legal System in setting normative standards consistent with human rights; increase women’s meaningful and substantive participation in advancing their agenda and resisting fundamentalisms
  • Contribute to strengthening progressive social movement building by using a feminist lens in framing public discussions and agenda, enriching the discourse on women’s rghts, freedoms and development amongst grassroots women, women’s movements, and other social movements