When you read in the newspapers or watch on TV about the latest human displacement crisis unfolding in some deprived or conflict-ridden corner of the world, do you find yourself thinking – how can I help? UNHCR offers a simple and reliable way for people to reach out and make a real difference for those left with nothing after being forced to flee their homes. In 2013, we received almost US$191 million in contributions from the private sector, including individual citizens like yourself – it made a big difference.

We welcome all donations, but financial gifts from individual donors give particular satisfaction because of their very personal nature. If you, as a private citizen, donate money towards the operations we run worldwide, it means that you have been touched by our message and are reaching out to another individual in desperate need of help. A government can give money on behalf of its people, or a company on behalf of its staff, but it is something special when ordinary citizens dig into their pockets or purses to contribute to UNHCR. We think it’s important to thank our private donors but also to keep you informed about the operations and emergencies where your contribution is helping to make a difference. If you don’t yet subscribe to our regular electronic newsletter, Refugee-news, please click here. If you want to make a donation, please click here.

You gift will help people in real need.